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Restoring Balance

Not sure how to find balance in your life?  First Begin with deep breathing for clarity of mind and relaxation.  Find time to meditate and allow yourself moments with gentle relaxing music or no music at all.  

Peace of mind

There's more to yoga than relaxation and sitting still.  Sometimes we need to flow and sweat with movements and sun salutations to quiet the body, mind and spirit.

The path to experiencing good health and a balanced lifestyle is not easy.  How we eat, exercise and rest is key to creating a life that is fulfilling and made for success.

Relax and rejuvenate with a Yoga program by Yoga Now and Zen.  Let us work with you, your spouse, corporation or large group and show you the simplicity of Yoga.  

"Our foundation work and experience is what makes the difference."  

"Solutions and tranquility are often found within the space between your thoughts"